About Adrian Davis. Pastor. Leader. Author. Innovator.

Pastor Adrian D. Davis is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently serves as the  Lead Pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly in Huntsville, Alabama. This man of God delivers messages of hope, positive thinking, and empowerment that are sustaining and motivating to both young and old across the world. His motto, “It’s better to train up whole children, than to fix broken adults” encourages us to reach back and help the next generation, who will carry us forward.


Pastor AD has served in several ministries throughout the southeast as a Youth Pastor. He received his Master’s degree in Divinity from Johnson Bible College In Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor AD (Pastor Chris Sands) is one half of the world-renowned duo known as Beyond Words Mime Ministry. Through this mime ministry, he has traveled the world leading souls to Christ for over ten years. Pastor AD accepted his call into the ministry at the young age of 18, and he has blossomed into a powerful man of God that knows and understands his call and passion to see our youth accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Pastor AD is a trailblazer amongst the new breed of ministers who embrace the “young believers”. He has single handedly broken the stereotype of the yesterday’s clergyman in the Huntsville community and is equipping the new generation to not only learn, but serve, and most importantly grown.


Most known for his nontraditional approach to the word of God, Pastor AD paints vivid pictures of the Gospel and illustrates the text by getting God’s people involved. He creates interactive ways of preaching the Word without changing God’s message. Pastor AD acknowledges that the Lord has sent him on a mission to teach, translate, transform, and train his people. He also serves as a “pastor to pastors”, social activist for change, motivational speaker, mentor to hundreds of high school and college student in the Tennessee Valley area, community developer, and most recently “Best Selling Author” for his first book, Tears Down a Smiling Face released November 12, 2013. 

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